The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act commenced on 26thApril 2023. This new law supports individuals with disabilities who may have difficulty making decisions without support. The Act is about maximizing a person’s capacity to make decisions for themselves and recognises that all adults have the right to play an active role in decisions that affect them (such as financial matters, personal welfare and personal property).

This Act recognises that a person’s capacity to make decisions can vary from situation to situation and that a lack of capacity in one matter does not automatically mean a lack of capacity in all matters. Where a person’s capacity to make a decision is in question, it recognises that voice of the person can be heard through knowledge of their will & preference, beliefs and values. It also allows for formal decision making supports if needed.  

Cheeverstown recognises that individuals have a right to self-determination and are supporting people to be included in decisions that affect their lives. We acknowledge that this is an uncertain landscape for families and would like to offer an opportunity to learn more about the Act.

Information Session on Assisted Decision Making Act



12 noon

Rua Red


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