Expanding Threads

This project ran over a two week period in the family room at Cheeverstown House in September 2015.
It was facilitated by Tanya O’Keeffe and Rebeca McCarthy both Art Education students at the National College of Art and Design.

The premise for the project sprang from a conversation that Tanya and Rebecca had with Cheeverstown’s Socialisation Coordinator Gerry O’Connor about building and expanding service users social capital and natural connections. Gerry talked about the threads that connect us all within society and how an artwork might visually represent that.

Hence the idea for an art project was born, where everyone involved could make their mark in some way and those individual marks could be woven together to create something greater than the sum of it’s parts.

For the two weeks of the project the family room became a thriving hub of creativity. Service users, volunteers and carers all got involved in printing onto fabric, ripping the fabric into long strips and then knitting it back together with a technique known as arm knitting.
Invitations were also hand printed and sent to friends and family members to come to the view an exhibition of the work on September 23rd . The creation of final piece, called Expanding Threads, was a true collaboration and it is hoped will continue to symbolise our interdependency and inherent need for connection to one another.