Support Services

Sports, Recreation and Leisure

The recreation team aims to provide people using Cheeverstown services with an opportunity to participate actively in social and recreational activities. For children some of these activities include our community summer camp, swimming sessions, dance classes and seasonal activities.

For adults these activities are organised with a focus on personal lifestyle choices and interest providing people with opportunities to participate in local community activities with the support of key workers, staff, families and volunteers. Some of these activities involve participating in day and evening courses, sport, leisure and recreation activities, Special Olympics or participating or attending national events.

For Operations and Transport Services

Cheeverstown provides transport on a seven-day basis for the needs of the residents and transport needs of people to home, work or social activities. This is further complimented by a number of smaller community vehicles which allow for greater access to community activities.


Operations and Transport Department
Cheeverstown House
Dublin 6W
Tel : 01-4993700