Children’s Services

Children’s Services Cheeverstown House provides a range of services and supports to children and families. These include:

Early Services (0-3 years) & Outreach (3-6 years): Providing individualised services and supports to parents and children. The purpose of Early Services and Outreach is to closely work as a team with the child and family to help achieve the child’s potential. Individualised goals are identified with the family and an action plan agreed. Services are delivered in a variety of ways through groups; individual sessions and parent training.

The access criteria for Early Services and Outreach is that the child must live in the catchment area for Cheeverstown, be aged between 0 -6 years and be at risk of developing a developmental delay and/or have an intellectual disability. The catchment area for Cheeverstown covers parts of Templeogue, Firhouse and Tallaght.

To learn more about the early intervention programmes at Cheeverstown or for the specific catchment area, please contact Lynn Howard or Aine Enright on 4993700.

Cheeverstown are actively involved with Progressing Disabilities in Dublin South and will be reconfiguring their Children’s Services in line with Progressing Disabilities in the future. You can find out more information on the Progressing Disability Services website: