MARCH 15 2016


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On March 16th children all around Ireland marked Proclamation Day. The boys and girls in Cheeverstown School made a special effort to mark this really important day.

As the day approached, excitement started to build and preparations were made. Each class wrote their own proclamation for 2016, and displayed these in the hall. The children recorded how they would like to see our country develop in the future, including such items as:


‘We want to live in an Ireland where everybody is equal’, and ‘We want to live in a country where people with different needs have a great future’.

On the day itself, all the girls and boys, staff and mums and dads arrived at school in period costume from 1916. The costumes were amazing and so creative. It really gave everyone a feel for the History. At 11am we all gathered at the main flagpole and listened to the 1916 proclamation. Then we raised the Irish flag, and gave 3 huge cheers for the men and women of 1916. Then we all sang a special song about 1916.


After the formal part, it was time to party. We had a lovely party in school, which included traditional and more modern songs, dancing, goodies, and prizes for everyone who had a costume. We also had lovely food that was typical of Dublin in 1916. We finished by standing for the National Anthem, and 3 more big cheers!

A GREAT day was had by all.