Adult Multidisciplinary Team

The Adult Multidisciplinary Team

The Adult Multidisciplinary team includes several different disciplines: Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Clinical Pharmacist, Clinical Nurse Specialist in palliative care, and Social Work. The Adult Multidisciplinary team also has access to Physiotherapy as required.


This team aims to provide person centred clinical assessments, interventions and management plans to people who attend the Cheeverstown Services. This helps to support each referred person to achieve and maintain the best possible health, wellbeing and quality of life.


Examples of some of the services the multidisciplinary team provides are:

  • Annual multidisciplinary review of every resident of Cheeverstown.
  • Falls assessment, management and planning.
  • Hospital discharge planning and support.
  • Dementia assessment and management.
  • End of life planning.
  • Social and family support.
  • Staff and family training.
  • Bereavement support for people who attend Cheeverstown Services.
  • Assessment and support for individuals experiencing changing health needs.
  • Support for transitions within Cheeverstown, to community settings and to other services.
  • Support for transition from school age team to adult services.


These services are delivered via individual support, staff support and through case and family conferences.