Children’s Services

Cheeverstown House provides a range of services and supports to children and families. These include:

Early Services (0-3 years) & Outreach (3-6 years): Providing individualised services and supports to parents and children. The purpose of Early Services and Outreach is to closely work as a team with the child and family to help achieve the child’s potential. Individualised goals are identified with the family and an action plan agreed. Services are delivered in a variety of ways through groups; individual sessions and parent training.

The access criteria for Early Services and Outreach is that the child must live in the catchment area for Cheeverstown, be aged between 0 -6 years and be at risk of developing a developmental delay and/or have an intellectual disability. The catchment area for Cheeverstown covers parts of Templeogue, Firhouse and Tallaght.

To learn more about the early intervention programmes at Cheeverstown or for the specific catchment area, please contact Lynn Howard or Aine Enright on 4993700.

The 6-18 Team work with the child, their family and the school to help achieve the child’s potential. Individualised goals are identified with the family annually and an action plan agreed. This service places a strong emphasis on whole classroom and school-wide service provision, with more individualised supports as appropriate. Clinician’s also input to the child’s IEP and support development of the curriculum as required.

Cheeverstown are actively involved with Progressing Disabilities in Dublin South and will be reconfiguring their Children’s Services in line with Progressing Disabilities in the future. You can find out more information on the Progressing Disability Services website:

Adult residential services

In 1984 when Cheeverstown House opened, residential options were based within the centre. Early in the 1990’s, with the development of our community services Cheeverstown House now offers a range of residential services both within the centre and in community group homes.

Our primary aim is to enable individuals with an intellectual disability achieve independence and reach their full potential in partnership with families, whilst using the local community around them to facilitate this vision.

Adult Respite Service

Respite is an important part of the services offered to service users and their families, providing additional support to carers and giving service users an opportunity to develop independent living skills and to socialise with their peers.

Day Services

Cheeverstown provides a range of day services that provide supports for adults, in a variety of settings within the centre and the local community.

Each person who uses these services are allocated a key worker and with the person and other key people in their life an individual plan is developed which is based on the persons choices, and facilitated and supported within the service. Great emphasis is placed on developing relationships with the local community and using local resources and amenities.


Cheeverstown House Employment Support Services is a community based drop in center and support centre for adults (with an intellectual disability) who are either in or seeking supported employment. We promote life long learning, and provide on going supports to ensure people have access to other community activities, such as sport, social and leisure activities. This service also sources work experience and voluntary work opportunities in the local communities.


Vocational Training Services are provided for young adults on leaving school to support their learning around life skills and the world of work.

The training programmes are designed with input from the people who use the service, staff and families.The range of modules of training include Independent Living Skills, Personal Development, Community Skills Leisure Activities Modern Technology and Work Experience.

Older Person

Cheeverstown has commenced the development of a model of supports for the older person. As it develops this model will provide a model of care which supports best practice for the older person. This model would allow for individualized support arrangements for the older person taking into account pre-retirement and retirement options, whilst encompassing the changing health needs of the older person.


Cheeverstown has a multidisciplinary team that works alongside the person, the family and staff to provide a range of clinical supports.

Social & Recreation

In order for people to maximise the opportunities available we coordinate a support  network


Advocacy is promoted across the service. Through local meetings advocacy groups have a direct voice to the Board of Management. The groups also work in partnership with local community and regional advocacy groups.